I’ve been making videos since the  year I spent in Latin America doing communications work for NGOs and carrying a camera everywhere I went. I discovered that the camera was an extension of my power and privilege as a U.S. American outsider, but also that it could be a powerful medium to connect people and reveal deeper stories.
I earned my B.A. from UNC-Chapel Hill with degrees in Photo/Video Journalism  and Latin American Politics. Born in Louisiana and raised in North Carolina, I see the South as both my inspiration and my motivation for the power of media and art to influence social + cultural shifts.  I love long bike rides, curating Spotify playlists, and hosting storytelling nights.
In video production, I’m experienced in many roles: research, directing, shooting, editing, distribution and impact strategy. I use Adobe Creative Suite for content creation: Premiere, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and DreamWeaver. I can shoot 360 video and drone video. I’ve experimented with VR and AR software (Unity, HP Reveal). I can use Excel, Tableau, and SQLite for data-based journalism and research.  I’m fluent in Spanish and experienced with Spanish/English translation. I also dedicate time to teaching visual storytelling (and its intrinsic ethical dilemmas) to other students. 

Visual images drive us, inform us, and set the course for how we see ourselves; how we perceive opportunity and the future. We cannot escape our human impulse to frame the world with personal stories.​​​​​​​
As a filmmaker I believe in a slow, intentional style of documentary. It doesn’t tell the viewer what to think; it immerses them in a world, and does so artfully enough that they lose themselves in that world, they let their guard down, they suspend judgement, and they come out on the other side having experienced a new perspective on the world that affects how they think about that place or that subject in the future.​​​​​​​ There are plenty of documentaries telling partial stories that were pre-determined before production to make the most beautiful and compelling video. I want to join the tide of people adding very different material to the documentary world: thoughtful filmmakers telling stories carefully, emphasizing collaboration, and designing impact strategies in conjunction with everyone involved so that the production becomes a mutually beneficial experience. This methodology feels to me like a deeper way to arrive at truth, to achieve honest storytelling in documentary film.
What would we talk about over a coffee? 
Topics and conversations I am always excited to explore include the solutions journalism movement; accessibility and innovation in emerging media; narrative agency and impact strategy in documentary film; innovative visual products in news media; the human psychology of issue re-framing, ontology, and epistemology; constructive relationships between humans and the environment; Latin American politics and social movements; and the ethics of filmmaking and visual journalism. Here's some more food for thought.

Current projects? 
Right now I'm based in Brooklyn, NYC, interning at American Documentary and UnionDocs. 
I am also working on a documentary short set in Havana, Cuba thanks to support from the Rich Beckman Documentary Award. I recently wrapped up two short documentaries-- one on a criminal justice ballot initiative in New Orleans, and one on hurricane Florence's impact on NC livestock producers-- for a project with Morehead Planetarium called "Tales from the American South." 

Hearst Journalism Awards, 2019 (for “Unanimous”) 
SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards Finalist, 2019 (for “Aftermath”) 
Silence Sam showcased in Cucalorus Film Festival, Black Star Film Festival
Rich Beckman Award in Documentary Multimedia Storytelling, 2019, UNC School of Media and Journalism 
William G. Arey, Jr. International Communications Award, 2017, UNC School of Media and Journalism
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