​What am I best at?
I communicate compelling ideas through video, photography, graphic design, and social media (often all of the above). I also devote a lot of my energy to helping others develop these skills, especially through my role directing the communications team of UNC's hub for social justice.
What would we talk about over a coffee? 
Topics and conversations I am always excited to explore include the solutions journalism movement, community development initiatives at the local and international level, the ethics of documentary filmmaking/photojournalism, and business as a driver of ethical and sustainable systems (for instance, the B-Corp movement). 
Most of these photos don't look like North Carolina...? 
Many of my projects are based in Latin America-- my second field of study outside of journalism. As a Global Gap Year Fellow, I worked as a communications intern for community development NGOs in Central and South America from 2014 through 2015. In 2017 I broadened my regional understanding to Mexico, where I partnered with an organization promoting economic development in communities heavily affected by migration; studied political science and graphic design; and initiated a documentary project about the border wall. My experiences throughout Latin America have inspired my interests in the ethics of global engagement and in video as a powerful tool for documenting remarkable things happening around the globe.
Current projects? 
Right now I'm in Brooklyn, interning here & learning more about the intersection between vis-comm and advocacy. I'm also continuing a multimedia documentary project about the U.S./Mexico border. I recently covered post-hurricane environmental recovery in Puerto Rico with a team from the UNC School of Media and Journalism (Aftermath), edited a collaborative documentary about confederate statues on university campuses, and taught visual storytelling to students in an environmental science class dedicated to documenting the 2018 Clean Tech Summit. 
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