While reporting on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico for a project with the UNC school of media and journalism, I made this side project experimenting with 360 video. 
My main role in Puerto Rico was to shoot photo stories around the island for the 5 interactive, long-form stories featured on the Aftermath website. I carried a 360 camera with me and started figuring out how to use it, and while getting to know Puerto Ricans on the ground, I became interested in what I perceived as a link between the ecological recovery of the island and the recovery of human systems. I squeezed in an interview with Grizelle Gonzalez, a research ecologist in El Yunque rainforest, and combined her perspective with 360 footage of the forest in its initial phases of regrowth. Finding a way to integrate 2D video with 360 video in one story was a challenge; the finished project is split into 5 parts that switch between the two mediums.
Click here to see the story.
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