Between 1990 and 2012, people in Durham, NC identifying as Latino went from just 1% of the total population to 14%: an increase of 34,000 people. This diverse population is a necessary and important part of North Carolina; their political power is growing; and they deserve a public relationship with our government. However, it is far too easy for politicians to ignore the issues important to Latinos if they do not unequivocally demand recognition of their presence and acknowledgement of their growing bloc of registered voters. Latinos in Durham and throughout the state accomplished this during a gathering on October 30, 2016 with community members, advocates, and political candidates. A week later, attendees Josh Stein and Roy Cooper were both elected to North Carolina office, and hopefully the sight of the thousands of Latinos cheering and waving American Flags will not be forgotten to them as they continue their political careers.
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